Music creation † Sound design

Name: Aensland

Contact: Twitter

Likes: 刹那 (黒夜葬, VDAS), Mana (Malice Mizer), G. Verdi



Work Catalogue


.MA¡KA | Vocallective Records / Benedictio Laudate Domini

.メンヘラコンピ | Mosaic Monosomy (M3-37) / 恋の粉砕

Hola Miku EP | #HolaMiku / Hollow Girl † Maledictis feat. 初音ミク



Pixel Mixers: Castlevania - Scarlet Night [Tribute Album]

You Goddamned Bathead (悪魔城ドラキュラX68000)

Musical Pile of Secrets - A Symphony of the Night 20th Anniversary Tribute

Erotic Elegance (Wood Carving Partitia) / Last Rites (Requiem for the Gods)

Vampire Variations Trilogy: A musical tribute to the Castlevania Series

Volume 2: Crux Fortitudo Mea / Volume 3: In the Master's Name

Celestia13 -SQEX Festival 3rd- / NieR Gestalt ; Replicant

Celestia11 -New generation- / Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume

CelestiaX -SquareEnix Music Arrange Festival 3- / Final Fantasy VI

Celestia9 -Wish our Hope- / Final Fantasy IV



YouTube Channel / Original and arranged music




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